Urban Burger Gourmet


How often do you think of Urban Burger Gourmet when you feel like eating delicious beef patties and fresh buns?

This post is about the ‘Sloppy Joe’s’ burger, we believe it is a new addition to the Urban Burger Gourmet menu.

They do not call the burger sloppy for nothing.

There is plenty of mince meat that is fresh mixed with sweet pepper and fried onions.

You really have to try it and give us some feedback on your experience and thoughts.

Every establishment is not perfect and we have had some good days and bad days at UBG. One such disappointment is in regards to the ‘Hulk Burger’.

When you hear the name and take a look at the burger it screams ‘eat me, eat me’ but in reality it is a let down.

Double thick patties with a barrage of onions. The preservatives affront the taste buds. Every bite is labored but if you are hungry you will manage to finish it.

We wish they would find a means to have fresh patties that are not kept for such a long time – refrigerated- that the meat becomes bland and depreciates the excitement for a burger aficionado.

The next burger you should have a look at is the ‘Korean chicken’ burger. The burger is spicy and tangy with the chicken appropriately cooked neither dry or crunchy depending on your preference.

What burger joints do you think we should visit and review ?

Remember to treat yourself right and keep your stomach happy.

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