Tune in @Kilele


Not many people at the time of this post know of a snazzy restaurant called Kilele it is on Rahpta Road ( adjacent to Vineyard, party folk would know) within the Tune Hotel building. You can access the restaurant through the elevator or stair (but that’s about 11 floors up). Once you enter the elevator press “R” to go to the rooftop and thats where you will find Kilele.

Kilele has great aesthetics and its a lovely place to have a drink while enjoying the view of the cityscape. We were hungry so we did not take photos of the establishment but we certainly had some pictures of our meals.

There was the order of their burger and it was tasty, seemed like home ground mince with spices in it though from the picture it looks like a veggie burger but we assure you there is a big chunk of patty underneath.

Next was the chicken strips or chicken fingers but we seem to forgot what the order was but here is a picture.

Close up below.

Give Kilele a visit and we would appreciate your feedback of your experience there.

Till Next time, keep your stomachs happy.

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