Nairobi Restaurant Week at Caramel


Hi Folks,

Nairobi Restaurant Week came and went. We were able to sample the dinner menu at our favorite restaurant Caramel.

A passion cocktail that was part of the menu.

A Russian Salad,it looks questionable but it was very delicious.

The Creamy Mushroom soup was also part of the starter pack and again it was good.

On the evening we all felt that beef tenderloin was in order and it was fairly delicious. The taste of your tenderloin would depend on the level of grilling you would like; medium rare, medium , medium well and well done. Please do not mistake ordering medium rare when you meant medium well.

We certainly saw new restaurants this year of 2017 but we would like some locations like Newscafe to put more effort and creativity into their menu because we opted to have the main menu than their NRW menu.

Our advice to Newscafe is do not be part of a food promotion if you are not planning to give value to foodies.

Until next time, remember to keep your stomach happy đŸ™‚


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