Dari; well it is a great and serene place that we love to indulge in. Fair pricing and good service are our highlights of the place as well as the tantalizing food. Dari is located off Ngong Rd as you head towards Karen Shopping Centre. Please carry something really warm as this location gets really cold in the evening.

When you enter the restaurant you will notice nice and simple decor then “Impalas”. We do not know how but we appreciate the Impalas that you get to see as you enjoy your meal.

The odd Peacock as well. 

On this day we had a lovely juicy steak again the specifics we do not recall but here are the pictures.

We employ you to try the steak it is massive,size does matter. Next was the burger.

Later some Dessert after the food settled in our stomachs. 

What can we say we have big appetites soon after the conversations took over for a few hours we ordered some samosas.

We suggest to give Dari a look and let us know how your experience went. We are certain it will be a good time.

Till next time, keep your stomachs happy

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